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The mission of the Institute of Fair Management  (IFM) is to enhance the professional development of the employees and volunteers of our member fairs and expositions by providing education and training in areas of core competency necessary for the operations of today's fairs, large or small.

The core competency areas in which the courses of the Institute will be focused include management, risk management, marketing, programming, operations, and facility usage.


The Institute is made possible by the IAFE Education Foundation and the efforts of dedicated members who have volunteered their time and talents to raise funds through events such as the annual Raisin for A Reason auction, Century Club, and other fund-raising events.

IFM Courses

Sunday, November 27th , 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Today’s Information Technology Course Description (#IFM 106)


Technology, it isn’t going away! Hello Zoom! Join us for a workshop that provides information and tools pertinent to fairs of all sizes, regardless of your role – staff member, CEO, board member, or volunteer.

Today’s Information Technology will review various technologies utilized and uses of these technologies, fair websites what role do they play today? and a general review of basics of a good site, maintaining databases and utilizing e-newsletters. A brief review of social media platforms (this is not a marketing course), recent developments in online ticketing as well as other software resources for fair management.

John Johnson will be presenting Information Technology virtually. This is a for-credit course of the Institute of Fair Management All attendees are welcome, even if not enrolled in the Institute of Fair Management.

Presented by John Johnson, Jr., CVFM, Hebron Harvest Fair, Conn.

Sunday, November 27th , 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Facility Marketing and Sales…It is A Year-Round Experience! (IFM #302)


Many fairs who rely on their fair-time, ONLY as their main source of revenue, are hoping on the year-round facility rental and sales bandwagon. What did we learn during COVID? Did your organization produce and market non-fair revenue generating events? This course will help you understand how to apply basic marketing concepts to the specific area of facility usage year-round (non-fair) Course material is applicable to all delegates whose fair operates year-round facilities.

This is a for-credit course of the IAFE Institute of Fair Management (Elective Course) All attendees are welcome to attend, even if not enrolled in the Institute.

Presented by Kathy Kramer – Central Washington Fair, WA

Sunday, November 27 th , 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Board Governance (IFM #104)

What is the true job of a governing board? How can board and staff members effectively fulfill this job? This symposium focuses on the principles of effective group leadership that help boards define and focus on their work while empowering and energizing staff to get the work delegated done. Bill Charney presents an integrated model for systematic and comprehensive clarity of roles and accountabilities.

He addresses effective delegation, the role and responsibility of the board, board composition and structure, the conduct of board members (including conflict of interest), the relationship between the board and chief executive, and how to re motivate and keep board members engaged.

Bill Charney, CEO/principal consultant of Charney Associates. Charney is a highly respected consultant in leadership and governance education for boards of directors and the agencies they lead. He is the co-author of The Board Member’s Playbook. Prior to founding Charney Associates, he was the founder and CEO of Denver’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Presented by: Bill Charney, CEO – Charney Associates

** $125 on-site. Please note that seating is limited, and on-site registration may not be available.

This is a required for-credit course of the Institute of Fair Management all members welcome to participate.

Thursday, December 1, 8:30 am – 2:30 pm 

Consumer Protection Program (CPP) (IFM # 111)*

Protecting your event goers, staff and volunteers has never been so important. The IAFE, working with Dr. Stephen Neel of Technical Solutions International, present the CPP workshop to help fairs understand enteric pathogens such as E. Coli and to provide information on controlling traffic flow in all animal areas (not just petting zoos), creating proper signage, installing hand-wash areas, and establishing specific cleaning protocols. The information and tools provided in CPP can be easily adapted to develop pandemic plans.

What CPP Offers You!

  • Introduction to enteric pathogens: what they are, the impact to fairs, what’s at stake

  • Understanding enteric pathogens: some microbiology!

  • Analyzing your facility (everyone brings maps, diagrams of their own fair and time is spent analyzing flow)

  • Improving Operational Procedures: signage, handwashing, waste management, etc.

  • Site evaluation exercises: each attendee works with the presenters to examine their own facilities and work on ideas/plans

  • Record-keeping

  • Creating the Consumer Protection Plan


Following the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to consult, one-on-one, with the presenters to review their facilities site plan. These site reviews will be conducted via Zoom December 6-9.


This is a required Institute of Fair Management (IFM) course all IAFE members welcome to participate.

Presented by Dr. Stephen Neel, Technical Solutions, and Marla Calico, CFE- IAFE President/CEO

*$165 first registrant (with notebook), $135 second (plus)registrant from same organization (with notebook) $119 second (plus) registrant from same organization (without notebook)

**Please note that seating is limited, and on-site registration may not be available. On-site registration fees $190 first registrant (with notebook), $160 second (plus)registrant from same organization (with notebook) $144 second (plus) registrant from same organization (without notebook)

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