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2022 Registration!

The excitement about holding a convention in the Midwest, so close to so many of our

fair family, is building. There is something new and exciting developing around the

program every week. Make sure to check out this blog for postings so you can keep up

with new developments.

Registration and room reservations for the Fairs United Convention will open on June 1,

for all attendees. Begin making your plans now for when you are going to arrive. When

registration opens, if you have attended the IAFE Convention before, you will notice

many new options for registration. There will also be questions you need to answer for

each person you are registering. Below, I’ll describe many of those options and

questions to help prepare you.

Register early for the best deal. As an IAFE member, early bird pricing for the full

convention starts at $395. This price will be available through Oct. 3. On Oct. 4,

members can still register for the full convention at $435. Then beginning on Nov. 4, the

member registration is $485. If a non-member wants to register for the entire

Convention (at anytime), the cost is $600.

A great new feature this year will be day passes. And as always, MEMBERS get the

best deal. A single day pass is $150 and a 2-day pass is $300. We know that you

want to bring a buddy from your fair, too! So, there is an extra special deal good only for

Sunday, November 27 and good only for MEMBERS. The Plus One, single day pass

($150) and get the second person from your fair for same day access at just $75. Look

for Plus One registration ($225) choice.

There will also be some additional ticketing options for lunches and the experience

options for education and tours of some of the local Indianapolis facilities.

In 2021, we introduced the Networking Circles. When registering you will need to

choose the option that best fits the person’s job/volunteer position.

Choices will include: Accounting/Treasurer, Agriculture Manager/Director, Assistant Manager, Board Member, Board President, Board Secretary, CEO/Manager-Paid Full-time, CFO/Treasurer, Commercial Exhibits & Concessions Manager/Director, Commercial Exhibits & Concessions Owner/Operator, Competitive Exhibits Manager/Director, Entertainment Manager/Director, Entertainment Agency/Provider, Facilities Manager/Director, Human Resources, Manager-Volunteer Part Time, Non-Fair Events Sales & Services, Safety & Security, Sponsorship & Marketing, State & Provincial Association, Technology/Web, Ticketing Manager/Director.

As part of our emergency plan for the convention, we do collect a cell phone number,

emergency contact name and number for each individual. These are used for emergency contacts, not to market the convention.

We also ask if each attendee is under 40 or if they are a first-time attendee to make sure they get connected to some special events and information.


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