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How to Register

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, Kathy and I hosted an IAFE Convention Registration Huddle. The huddle was an online overview of the convention that included a walk-through of how to register for the IAFE Convention. Have trouble or need a refresher? Here is a link to a recording of that session. CLICK HERE

The following are a few of the points we discussed:

  1. Arrive early; Sunday is packed full of education beginning at 8 am and ending with Fair-A-Palooza on Sunday evening.

  2. The convention will offer 4 different Institute of Fair Management Courses

  3. Don’t miss the Trade Show and Ed Shed

  4. Attend the Networking

During the registration portion, the following was covered:

  1. Deadlines

  2. Types of Registrations

  3. A walk-through of the process

Of course, if you need assistance we are here to help. Kathy is your go-to person for anything related to Registration. The phone number is 417-862-5771 or her email is


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