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Open for Business! - And a few updates!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to announce registration is open!

When you register, you will notice many new questions and choices. In addition to options like the IAFE Foundation Fundraiser called Raisin For a Reason, and the Emergency Planning course, you will have the option to register for some additional items. Let’s see if I can explain a few of them.

Fairs in 5 years is a revisit to the project we did in 2017. We asked different segments of our fair family to imagine what they thought the fair of the future looked like. They each came up with 5 things. Want to see what they were? There is a video on the website. Select one or more of the segments you would like to participate in. Please only register if you plan to go because we are limiting the number since this is a discussion.

Riverwalk Walking Tour, we have the privilege of hearing from the Riverwalk Authority, how they maintain, clean, plant, etc. a facility that is always open to the public. There will be a classroom presentation to start, open to everyone. But the walking tour is limited to those pre-registered.

Lunch Tickets – You have the option to pre-purchase lunch tickets, by the day. These tickets will be redeemed in the convention center outlets for a “meal deal.” Meal deals will include for example a hot sandwich or salad, with chips and a drink. We will have scheduled open discussions in each convention center outlet so you can grab your meal and chat with your friends you have missed so much.

Networking Circles – There will be dedicated time for you to meet with a group of your peers. We know that you wear many hats for your fair or organization. Please select the best option or the option you want to meet some peers.

Similar to past years we are going to ask you for your cell phone number, an emergency contact name, and number. These are for emergency use only, not to do any marketing, just if we had to find you at the convention or needed to find your emergency contact.

If you are a first-time attendee, or under the age of 40, please let us know so we can invite you to some special events for these two groups.

There of course are the legal releases and code of conduct.

See you in November!

Kate Turner


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