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Program Updates

While many of you are busy with your fairs, the IAFE staff is busy working on the convention programming. There are lots of changes and updates happening. We are adding workshops and features to the convention weekly.

Education is one of the main reasons that people attend the IAFE Convention. There are presentations and discussions that you can not get anywhere else. Want to view some of the topics that will be presented this year? The website allows you to view the program in many different ways.

A new feature added to the IAFE Convention website is weekly polls. These polls are requested by specific workshops to gather information. When you are visiting weekly to see program updates, please add your quick 2 cents on the poll of the week.

The convention program committee and the IAFE education committees continue to work to provide the information we all need to make our fairs the best ever. Workshops will be added throughout the fair season to accommodate the most timely education in the fair industry.


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