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The Ed Shed – The place to be at the 2022 IAFE Convention!

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

For those of you wondering about the image with this post. Check out the grab table for printed IAFE photos from previous conventions. It has been a fun trip down memory lane as we scanned in all the images. But there is not just one in the Ed Shed there will be two, plus so much more. The completely renovated Ed Shed, located in Hall C of the Convention Center, is an area not to miss. Check it out below.

TWO Grab Tables:

Help yourself to extra swag AND printed IAFE photos from previous IAFE Fairs, Meetings, and Events. We know you will enjoy reminiscing in these areas!


It is still the place to pick up 1 st place plaques and trophies from IAFE Contest entries.

Coffee Break:

Need a coffee break during convention? The Ed Shed has you covered! The best part? It’s FREE!

Committee Booths:

Visit with various members of several IAFE Committees, view their displays and participate in their events. A sneak peak into these committee booths:

  • The Competitive Exhibits will be hosting daily pop-up contests. Participate in these quick, fun and interactive activities at their booth.

  • The Technology Committee will provide you information about tech help at their booth and committee members may be available for suggestions during Ed Shed hours.

  • The Sponsorship committee members are planning daily idea-sharing displays to help you enhance your own sponsorship program.

  • The YPI Steering Committee may have a hands-on activity up their sleeve to help prove that #YPICares!

  • The Safety and Security committee members are there to give convention-goers an insight into many current events that may affect our industry. Complete a survey to assist them in their future planning.

  • The Marketing Committee is inviting the Best Marketing Campaign contest winners to display their marketing collateral on tables to showcase the best fair-industry marketing and campaigns.

  • MANY other committees will be on-site with activities, displays and more!

Coat Drive:

Have extra coats, hats, gloves, etc. that you can donate to a good cause? We have teamed up with

Wheeler Mission Ministries! Bring your warm clothes donations with you to the 2022 IAFE Convention to donate! Drop these items off in the Ed Shed. Check out your Chair Jeremy Parsons and Dennis Towels from Wheeler Mission as they discuss this project.

Where Are You From?

Be sure to pin your home location so everyone can see where our convention attendees are from!

Activity Book giveaway – Wednesday only:

The first 20 fairs that visit the Ed Shed on Wednesday will receive a FREE bundle of 100 agriculture activity books!

Join us for the fun!

Be sure to visit the Ed Shed daily to learn about IAFE Member Benefits, talk with the volunteers at the Help Desk and more. The daily hours are:

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Monday: 8am-1:30pm

Tuesday: 8am-1pm

Wednesday: 8am-2pm


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