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The Future of the Fair

What will the fair of the future look like and are we preparing for that fair? Has that vision changed in the last year? At the 2017 IAFE Annual Convention, we discussed what we thought fairs would look like in 2037. Check out the video from 4 years ago.

In the last four years, lots has changed, and our crystal ball may not be clear enough to see into the future 20 years. We are going to repeat the process at our 2021 Convention, but will only be peering 1 and 5 years into the future.

There will be 6 different discussions held at the convention (Carnivals, Commercial Exhibits & Concessions, Competitive Exhibits, Entertainment, Facilities, Agriculture). Each discussion is scheduled for a different time (

If you would like to participate in one or more of the discussions, you will need to register in advance. Because these are discussions, participants will be limited in number. Each Fair of the Future discussion is listed in the session registration options.

Join the discussion and share what you think the fair of the future will look like.


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