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Welcome from Jennifer Giesike!

Jennifer Giesike is not only chair of the IAFE Board of Directors but is also the president & CEO of the Washington, Mo., Area Chamber of Commerce and manager of the Washington Town and Country Fair. She has held the position for 23 years, for quite the ride.

She highlights her year as chair, traveling to meet members of the IAFE and learning from others. She applied some of the things she learned this year to her fair. The IAFE is about networking and learning from each other to make our fairs better.

Jennifer welcomes everyone to the 2023 IAFE Convention. The program committee has been working hard on building a program that includes lots of education and networking. There is something for everyone.

We are continuing the Sunday evening event, with S’More Fair Fun at the Utah State Fairpark. Come and enjoy yourself. We are also focused on being inclusive and having something for everyone to do. On Monday and Tuesday evenings, there will be fun and games in the convention center, open to everyone. A chance to continue networking and sharing ideas. Come and have fun with us. Learn to play Dart Ball and other activities.

The early bird registration deadline is Oct. 2.

Welcome everyone to the convention. Any questions? Jennifer or the IAFE office are available to provide answers.


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