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What Is That?

YPI, Buyers Breakfast, Networking Circles, NICA, OABA. Etc.

Why do we ask if you are under 40 during registration? We have a group of active members under the age of 40 that schedule special events for that age group to encourage participation and networking. If you let us know you are under 40, they can reach out to you about these events.

When you were registering for the convention, did you wonder why we asked you to let us know your title? Networking Circles is the reason why. Each registered attendee will be assigned to a networking circle. These will be smaller groups of people who have similar job duties. During the convention, each day there is a designated time for these Networking Circles to meet. The time will not be used for presentations or workshops; it will be time for you to build your network for the future. We want to provide you with a circle of friends you can call on in the future whenever you need fair advice.

So what is the Buyers Breakfast? Maybe you should attend. The Fair Buyer/Exhibitor breakfast was introduced at the 2021 Convention. Do you make recommendations or decisions on goods, services, or entertainment for your fair? Would you like to have some dedicated time to meet with Trade Show Exhibitors? The Buyers breakfast is accepting applications to participate in not only breakfast but also appointments with participating exhibitors. The best part, you get to share a hot breakfast and you will receive part of your registration money back if you keep your appointments. Interested? There is an application below the registration information on this page:

Below are some acronyms you might see and not know.

NICA – National Independent Concessionaires Association

OABA – Outdoor Amusement Business Association

CFE – Certified Fair Executive

CVFM – Certified Volunteer Fair Manager

IFM – Institute of Fair Management


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