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What's New?

StoryGrip Workshop       

This workshop will be presented in two parts.  Everyone who is interested needs to attend Part 1 on Monday.  For the interactive Part 2, seating is limited to 50 people each session.  You CHOOSE ONE SESSION to pre-register for Part 2 on Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm or on Wednesday, 2:00pm – 3:30pm.  The cost to register is only $15 and is on the IAFE Registration page. 

During Part 1 you will learn:
In an environment where you don’t stand a chance to win anybody’s attention without some magic, a good story might save you and your brand from oblivion. With more media channels for engagement and greater consumer control over what they pay attention to, marketing and communications teams have scrambled to make their content more captivating, and stories represent a natural evolution. 

*You MUST attend part one to attend part two on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

During Part 2:
Learn to develop stories based on ideas that you generate from idea to creation. Implement the dynamics of stories that leave impressions to create lasting change. Employ the concepts of story creation and dissemination to move forward the story as a valuable and potent communications tool. This session will consist of hands-on storytelling writing, group sharing, and feedback, and is limited to 50 people. You must have participated in Part One on Monday to participate in Part Two.
Join professional journalist, communications pro, essayist, and humorist Dan Bennett as he dives deep into best practices in organizational and human-impact storytelling.

*Additional registration required! The registration fee is $15.

Lunch and Learn     

Enjoy your lunch with people with similar interests. This is another opportunity to network and steal ideas from fair industry colleagues. The lunch ticket is required to partake in the meal, but everyone is welcome to participate in the conversations. Lunch tickets are only available prior to the convention and cannot be purchased on site.


Monday and Tuesday: Stars At Night Ballroom

Wednesday: Trade Show


Power Talks
Quick 15-minute session chock-full of powerful information. Hang on to your seats! These speakers will get right to the point.
Location: Ed Shed; Stars At Night Ballroom

Legend Led

Soak up knowledge from Legends in the industry and have a chance to ask them questions. This discussion-based session is a great opportunity to meet those established individuals you've been watching throughout the years.

Location: Ed Shed; Stars At Night Ballroom

Networking Session

They are back! Network and chat with your peers. These casual sessions allow you to meet people with similar jobs, ask questions and discuss challenges. Bring lots of business cards.

Walking Tours

Meet the Spirit Squad in your hotel lobby for a guided tour to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The tour will show the most direct route to the Convention Center. Once there, refreshments like coffee, soda, and water will be available. After a brief Q&A, a tour guide will give a quick tour of the Convention area to help orient attendees.

5:00 p.m. Saturday -- Your hotel lobby to Room 221D (Q&A)

9:30 a.m. Sunday -- Your hotel lobby to Room 220 (Q&A)

2:00 p.m. Sunday -- Your hotel lobby to Room 221D (Q&A)

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