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Catching Up with IAFE Chair Jo Reynolds, CFE, Warren County Fair

Reasons to go to the convention:

  • Endless education

  • Priceless networking

  • Idea exchanges

  • Re-ignite and/or enhance your “WHY”

  • Connect with mentors

  • Meet and make new Fair friends

  • Collaborate with industry leaders and partners


Things in my suitcase:

  • Connection cards

  • Fair pins

  • Business cards

  • Notes to mentors

  • Notebook/pens

  • Lotion for a dry climate


Convention tips:

  • Meet people

  • Remember that all Fairs deal with the same challenges, some have larger budgets and some have more staff than others.

  • The more you get involved, the more involved you will get!

  • Per Marla, sit with someone new at every session or workshop to expand your network.

  • Ask questions

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