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Discussing the 2024 Convention Program with Program Committee Chair, Alicia Shoults, CFE

Updated: Jun 5

Tips for the Convention

I never leave home without a refillable water bottle, and this will be especially important with the beautiful, but dry, weather in Phoenix. I’ll be filling it up regularly throughout the day! I’m also known for having a “mom bag,” so I always pack an assortment of small “just in case” items – some band-aids, over the counter medicine, a Tide stain remover stick, sunscreen, lip balm, tissues, etc. For the IAFE Convention, it’s also important to bring some of my branded fair apparel, and perhaps some swag to share at the “swag swap.” If you’re packing light, smaller giveaway items like stickers, magnets, and lapel pins are lightweight and small. But, if you’re the kind to check baggage, you can always throw in a fair shirt or hat to gift to a colleague from another fair. I know a lot of us want to build upon connections at the Convention – so I’ll be bringing my connection circle, which I always keep in my work bag, along with my business cards. - Alicia Shoults, Ohio State Fair

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