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Great Place to Build Your Network

The IAFE Convention is a Great Place to Build Your Network

Cara Muhlenkamp is manager of the Mercer County Fair in Ohio after joining the fair as an office assistant. She has made some great connections in the fair industry, crediting her involvement in IAFE for helping them take their fair to the next level and giving them the tools they needed to expand.

Some of the suggestions Cara has for attending any IAFE workshop or meeting are:

1) Pick someone you do not know to sit with, learn about them and their fair. It expands your knowledge and reach.

2) Invite not only your board and employees to participate, but also invite your neighboring fairs. We should all work together, not as competitors. Cara and her fair hosted an event to help provide education and also knowledge of IAFE to their surrounding fairs.

3) Try all the different events at the convention. Young Professionals (YP) events for those under 40, networking in sessions but also at the bar/hotel lobby, and attending networking circles, all help you make connections in the fair industry.

Participating in IAFE has helped Cara and the Mercer County Fair expand their network.


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