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Three Things To Do Now

Three Things To Do Now for the IAFE Convention

  1. Of course, you need to register first. Right now is the best time to register. After Oct. 2, the price increases for registration. Plus if you register now, you beat the rush. You know what the entry deadline is like around the fair office. It is the same at the IAFE office. If you register now, you will not panic about getting logged into the system, and having all the information (cell phone, emergency contact, etc.) collected. And it will not be the time your credit card company decides to freeze a transaction. You will be done before deadline day arrives.

  2. Make your flight reservations. Airfare prices are rising and changing all the time, especially when traveling on a holiday weekend. Make your reservations now and select your seats. There are discounts available on Delta and United.

  3. Make your hotel reservation. There are six great hotels in the IAFE Room Block, all within a block and a half of the Salt Palace Convention Center. The hotels offer different room rates, different amenities, and different restaurants. Select the one that best meets your needs. There are a few that already have limited availability on certain days. If your preferred hotel is not available, you may have to select a second option.

These are the three things I would recommend you do today in preparation for the IAFE Convention.



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