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What is Different at the 2023 IAFE Convention

What is Different at the 2023 IAFE Convention, other than all new education sessions?

  1. The Ed Shed has been re-imagined and is now the hub of activities, so it also has a new name. The Inspiration Hub will be your first stop at the IAFE Convention, to pick up your badge at registration, but this will not be your last visit to the Hub. It will also be home to the opening ceremonies and awards presentations. There will be committee tables and events, along with other activities. Check out the program for additional activities taking place in The Inspiration Hub, Hall A of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

  2. Game Night on Monday and Tuesday night in the convention center. Looking for something fun to do after dinner, a place to extend the networking? Join us back in the Convention Center on Monday and Tuesday for Dart Ball, Corn Hole, and many other games. You do not have to come with a team, we will be getting everyone involved. There will be a cash bar and popcorn available.

  3. Networking Circles and Committee Meetings. We listened to the comments from last year that it was hard to hear in these sessions when there were multiple happening at one time. This year these sessions will be scattered throughout the convention and in individual rooms. Check out the program for the location of these meetings.

  4. Sunday night reception was a hit last year, so we have continued the tradition with a Utah twist. Join us for S’more Fair Fun at the Utah State Fairgrounds, all registered attendees are invited. Wear your coat to enjoy some of the outdoor activities Utah is famous for. Bus transportation will be provided.

  5. Contest Awards Presentation on Wednesday afternoon, located in the Inspiration Hub. This stand-alone event will be the unveiling of the 2023 IAFE Contest award winners.

When you are registering for the IAFE Convention, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our staff, we are here to help. The office is open from 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. central time each day.

Contact Information Phone: 417-862-5771 Email:

The updated attendance policies, substitution options, and cancellation information are available on the IAFE website.


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