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What to do in Salt Lake City?

Welcome Tony Coppola, Director of Convention Services and Events for Visit Salt Lake. Tony is focused on helping attendees enjoy the city.

Tony’s dining recommendations among the 45 different restaurants within a 2-block radius of the convention center are:

  • Squatters Pub Brewery – Salt Lake’s oldest brewery. Lots of taps and a huge menu.

  • Gracies Gastro Pub

  • White Horse – Cocktail Bar

  • Homestyle – Southern Kitchen

  • Ivey – 3-minute walk, new hip restaurant that is also a bar

Bar vs Restaurant – Either place can offer a full bar but per the liquor laws:

  • In a restaurant, anyone of any age can go, but you have to order food. Can be chips and salsa, a small appetizer, but food has to be ordered with an alcoholic drink.

  • At a bar, you have to be 21 to enter, but no food has to be ordered.

Debunking myths around alcohol in Salt Lake City:

  • You can order a drink in a restaurant and bar on Sunday. Many are open until 1 am.

  • Liquor stores are not open on Sunday, so if you want a bottle for your room, purchase it on Saturday.

  • Bring your ID. No matter your age, they will scan your ID when you enter the bar.

  • There are lots of distilleries and breweries.

Need ideas of what to see? Visit Salt Lake has customized a website for us:

Tony recommends getting out and experiencing the culture. On the website, look for:

  • Events in the area, concerts, gallery openings, etc.

  • Brewery Pass for discounts on food and drinks

  • Discount Passport for discounts on great attractions, including the aquarium, planetarium, museums, and galleries.

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