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Why Make the Investment

The Value of the IAFE Convention

Jennifer “Jen” Dunn, Linn County Fair, IA

Jennifer is the volunteer vice-president at the Linn County Fair in Iowa. For her “real” job, she runs an insurance agency. She is also a full-time mom, farmer, volunteer for PTO, and broadcaster for soccer after retiring from refereeing soccer. This doesn’t leave lots of time, but she is passionate about IAFE.

Jen’s involvement in the IAFE and her fair has grown because of the “infectious enthusiasm.” She attributes her fair’s growth directly to its involvement with IAFE. It is a passion and is something she enjoys. “Our excitement is infectious to others. People want to be involved with things that doing well and growing,” Jen says.

She makes time to participate in the IAFE Convention. It all started with a scholarship and the chance to attend the IAFE Convention, and now she won’t miss it. Even though Convention time is the busiest time of the year at her “real” job, Jen still makes the commitment because of the connections with people, the educational sessions, and the networking. She has friends all over the world that help provide ideas that can be adapted to her fair.

Making the financial commitment personally is worth it. The impact the IAFE Convention has had on her and her fair continues to make the time and the money worth it.

Jen shares a great story about how the connections that she has made through IAFE allowed her fair to go forward even when it was flooded one year. The kids who had worked all year to prepare their projects still got to have a fair.

She encourages everyone to put themselves out there at the convention. Shake hands, and meet new people, those adventures will not happen unless you introduce yourself.


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