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Paying for Convention - Scholarships and Grants Available!

You have submitted your request to attend the IAFE Convention using the “Convince Your Boss” template. Still, need to find some $$$ to make the trip happen?

Included on the travel page are airline discounts for American, Delta, and United. We also have a car rental discount code.

There are lots of scholarships and grants available to attend the IAFE Convention. Check out the Scholarships & Grants page for details. There are scholarships provided by Coca-Cola for fairs with an attendance of less than 100,000, or by the different zones for young people under the age of 40. Some zones provide scholarships to first-time attendees. Are you enrolled in the Institute of Fair Management? There are several grants available with different criteria for anything from registration fees to travel reimbursement.

Most have an application deadline of August 31, but check this page because there could be new opportunities added.

If anyone is interested in a road trip share or a room share please let me know. We will keep a list of interested people and provide you an opportunity to connect.


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